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Brother Sister Moments

BSMS: Brother- Sister Moments

He comes home drunk PART 1

He comes home drunk PART 2

He comes home from London for Christmas

Your graduation day

Your parents are away and you’re sick

You don’t like his girlfriend

You lose someone close to you

You’re in the hospital and the boys come to cheer you up

You start your period when your parents aren’t home

Finds out your boyfriend has been hitting you/hits you

someone calls you fat/ugly

He finds out you self harm

he and the boys meet your first boyfriend and don’t like him

he takes you to the doctor

Your Boyfriend cheats

You get in an argument with your parents and run away

The weird question a fan asks you

You see his dark side

He reads your diary

What he does when you catch him in bed with a girl

You lose your virginity to one of the boys

He walks in on your first kiss

Another celeb asks you out

What he says to your boyfriend after you get back together

You kiss another one of the boys

Things you do to annoy him

They go to one of your games/recitals

Reaction to you throwing a party

You meet the boys for the first time

You visit them on tour

They get you to meet your favorite celebrity

You feel bad about being adopted

Finds out you can sing

You make a funny video

You dont like his girlfriend

Your parents are away and you’re sick

He takes you to the doctors

You and a boy are in love but he doesnt approve

You have an eating disorder

What he tells you on your wedding day <3

He finds out you still sleep with a stuffed animal

Someone breaks while you two are the only ones home

You’re crying and he comforts you ONE OF MY FAVORITES!

He’s crying and you comfort him

One of the other boys gets you pregnant

His reaction to your hickey

He takes you on holiday WRITTEN BY: illgetniallnandos

He finds our you’re getting bullied

The protective side

What he grounds you for

Your boyfriend tries to get you to do something you aren’t comfortable with.

You tell him you hate him

He comes back from tour, you’ve become distant and your relationship is weak HIS POV

He comes back from tour, you’ve become distant and your relationship is weak YOUR POV

You throw a party when he’s on tour but he comes back and see’s it.

Your parents always compare you to him

He doesn’t like an outfit you buy

You get in a car crash

You’re dating one of the boys and he gives them the talk

He comforts you while your parents have a huge fight

He catches you sneaking around with a boy

He uses you to get girls

He finds something embarrassing of yours

You’re pmsing

You feel like he doesn’t care about you anymore

You feel like he doesnt care about you anymore #2

He drops you off at pre-k

He’s over-possesive

The boys push you to say sorry after an argument

He takes you to the dentist but your scared

You build a treehouse together

What art project you make together

You’re in a gang

You like another 1d member 

He gets you a puppy

He sees your boyfriend kissing another girl

He finds out you have been bullied by one of the boys (by Shayal) 

They embarrass you in front of the whole school 

You get in a fight with another girl 

A wild animal attacks you 

You find Santa in your living room 

He takes you to a gay bar 

There’s no such thing as Santa

You get stung by a jellyfish and one of the boys has to pee on you (By Shayal)

What he does when you’re in a bad mood

You cry when he leaves for tour (Shayal) 

You both go in a haunted house together (By Shayal)

You throw up (You’re 4-5) (By Shayal)

You sass him (Shayal)

He likes your twin more than you (Shayal)

You’re a baby and you pee on him

New Years Day (Shayal)

LONGER version of he sees your hickey (Shayal)

He finds out you smoke weed

You break down in front of him

You’re youtube famous

He teases you about your guy best friend 

Talking about Boys 

He breaks your favorite toy 

You break a bone 

Its your birthday!  

Your friends with one of the blog owners of theywantthe1d 

He’s your tutor 

You’re at the hospital because you have cancer *YOUR POV* (Shayal)

You’re at the hospital because you have cancer *HIS POV* (Shayal)

He finds your condoms (Shayal)

You’re supposed to be sleeping (Shayal)

You’re ready for a boyfriend (Shayal)

He hears your boyfriend say something rude to you *HIS POV* (Shayal)

He thinks your friends are bad influences. 

Sex Talk

He catches your boyfriend buying condoms

You come out (You tell him you’re a lesbian) 

You get in a fight/ Attempt to fight

First Date Disaster

He makes you cry in a fight (Shayal)

He makes you cry in a fight *part 2* (Shayal)

You meet 5 Seconds Of Summer (Shayal)

You were about to give up (Shayal) 

You have a crush on the boys but… (Shayal)